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Trail-Breaker. The name synonymous with off road transportation for 40 years has proven its worth as an American classic. Years and years of unforgettable trips to the out back have given Rokon riders a lifetime of memories. Trail-Breakers have climbed up high peaks including the Chilean Andes, gone through mud bogs where 4-wheelers never leave, traversed slippery snow fields and even provided safe passage for explorers through the treacherous Darien Gap. Users include the US Special Forces in Desert Storm, the US Forest Service, some 25 states Fish and Game officers, countless big game hunters, and even treasure seekers. They count on Trail-Breakers because they go anywhere and do it with unparalleled ROKON reliability.

Why? Each Trail-Breaker has patented dual wheel drive, a high ground clearance (15 in.) lightweight (208 lbs.) and wide tractor type tires (5.9x15).

Versatile? You bet. Mount pumps, generators, sidecars, gun boots and 50 other accessories. You can turn your Trail-Breaker into a plow horse or mountain goat. And they even float by virtue of hollow 15-inch aluminum drum wheels. Drum like in you can store up to 4.5 gallons of fuel or water in each wheel. Narrow enough to fit down a row crop or tight tree stands. Tough enough to climb over rocks, fallen trees or other obstacles.

How? Operate for up to 9 hours on one fill up of the almost 3 gallon tank and run its classic work horse four stroke Kohler engine where ever you need to Trail-Breaker is automatic and is operated by hands only. No shifting necessary with your feet. It's balanced enough to climb steep slopes at speeds of only 0.5 mph. It will also carry two people aboard. Trail-Breaker is rated to haul up to 1,000 lbs. and will tow up to 3,000 lbs.

Reliable? Most Trail-Breakers ever built are still running. And the ones built today are even better because they have solid state ignition, sealed gear cases, improved frame design, better comfort and get this, they are now even quiet. The Trail-Breaker is the quietest gas powered off road vehicle in the world. ROKON has learned from a rich history of riding and listening to owners. This lead us to incorporate changes that will make Trail-Breakers last even longer. Easy to repair and maintain. A simple thing like the same bearing appears 18 times on the machine. Standard American nut, bolts and chain make repairs a cinch and easy for you to do the work. Parts are widely available and manuals easy to follow. After all, if you start simple and rugged, it should be easy to maintain.

Trail-Breaker is a trusted and long serving name in off road transportation. We remain dedicated to quality so you can count on a successful trip wherever you go. And now with the latest 6.6 hp Kohler engine, ROKONS have incredible power and performance to go with quiet running operations.

Trail-Breaker Specifications

Drive System Full time, front and rear wheel drive
Engine Kohler, single cylinder, four stroke, fan cooled
Piston Displacement 172cc
Power Output 6.6 HP at 4,000 RPM
Power Transmission Automatic torque converter into a three gear range selector
Speed Range 1st gear 0-10 MPH (16 kph)
2nd gear 0-22 MPH (35 kph)
3rd gear 0-40 MPH (64 kph)
Power Take Off 6.6 HP (est.), speed proportional to throttle setting
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.69 US (10.0 L) Hi-impact polyethylene tank.
Auxillary Fuel storage 4.5 US gallons (17 liters) per wheel.
2.5 US gallons per 12" wheel
Fuel Regular unleaded gas
Fuel Consumption 0.45 gal/hr (1.7L per hour),
Brakes Disc type, front and rear, dual handlebar mounted controls
Starter Automatic recoil
Ignition Electronic Magneto
Electrical 12 volt with 90 watt alternator
Exhaust Muffler with US Forestry approved spark arrestor
Carburetor Fixed Main Jet Carburetor
Air Filter Dry type
Grade Capability 60 percent
Weight 208 lbs. (94 kg) dry weight
Warranty 12 month Limited Warranty

Trail-Breaker Dimensions

Wheels 15 inch Aluminum Drum(12" optional, overall
ground clearance reduced by 1")
Tires 5.9x15 or 8x12 with tube
Wheel Base 51 inches (129.5 cm)
Ground Clearance 15 inches (38 cm)
Height Over Seat 30 inches (76 cm)
Height Over Handlebar 42 inches (107 cm)
Width 31 inches (79 cm)
Length 79 inches (200 cm)
Fordable Water Depth 24 inches (61 cm)



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