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ROKON Models


Trail-Breakerô. The name synonymous with off road transportation for 40 years has proven its worth as an American classic. Years and years of unforgettable trips to the out back have given Rokon riders a lifetime of memories. Trail-Breakers have climbed up high peaks including the Chilean Andes, gone through mud bogs where 4-wheelers never leave, traversed slippery snow fields and even provided safe passage for explorers through the treacherous Darien Gap. Users include the US Special Forces in Desert Storm, the US Forest Service, some 25 states Fish and Game officers, countless big game hunters, and even treasure seekers. They count on Trail-Breakers because they go anywhere and do it with unparalleled ROKON reliability.
Ranger leaves a track lighter than a man's footprint and  uses a quiet Honda  powered engine that meets California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission standards. While it may be kind to the environment, Ranger still has all the ROKON go anywhere character and reliability. There are many options to consider like 4 different color options including red, forest green, black and olive drab with Realtree Camouflage seats. There are 4 different wheel choices including 12 and 15 inch steel spoke and 12 and 15 inch aluminum drum. All ROKON accessories fit a Ranger, too. When you get right down to it, riding a ROKON Ranger is truly the best there is in off road riding.
Scout. The ROKON Scout is a durable dual wheel drive workhorse. Easy to ride as it is to maintain, Scout features rugged steel spoke wheels and the ROKON 3 speed transmission. First introduced in the early 1980s Scout has been updated with improve frame strength, powdercoat painting for a long lasting durable finish and solid state ignition. Scouts appeal to riders who are looking for a mototractor that costs less and sits closer to the ground. They have 14" of ground clearance with a seat height of 29 inches. Tires are wide (8X12), the widest of any ROKON, and make riding a sure-footed experience. Dual disc brakes, front cargo rack and rear passenger seat are all standard options on Scout as they are on every ROKON.


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