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The ROKON Scout is a durable dual wheel drive workhorse. Easy to ride as it is to maintain, Scout features rugged steel spoke wheels and the ROKON 3 speed transmission. First introduced in the early 1980s Scout has been updated with improve frame strength, powdercoat painting for a long lasting durable finish and solid state ignition. Scouts appeal to riders who are looking for a mototractor that costs less and sits closer to the ground. They have 14" of ground clearance with a seat height of 29 inches. Tires are wide (8X12), the widest of any ROKON, and make riding a sure-footed experience. Dual disc brakes, front cargo rack and rear passenger seat are all standard options on Scout as they are on every ROKON.

Standard color is forest green. Scout has a Kohler 4 stroke power plant with 174 cc and 6.6hp. This is the same engine on the Trail-Breaker. In fact the Scout is the same as Trail-Breaker except for the steel spoke wheels.  Lights are run off an engine magneto and the starting mechanism is a recoil system. There are many accessories that can be ordered with Scout including gun boot, sidecar, trail maintenance kit, brush busters, wheel chains for snow among others. Each Scout comes with complete illustrated manuals to make parts identification a cinch. However, don't expect much maintenance here. After checking drive chains for lubrication, air filter and changing a spark plug from time to time, there is just not much to worry about.

Basic and rugged Scout embodies the essential ROKON qualities - go anywhere, easy to ride, versatile and simple to maintain.

Scout Specifications

Drive System Full time, front and rear wheel drive
Engine Kohler, single cylinder, four stroke, fan cooled
Piston Displacement 172cc
Power Output 6.6 HP at 4,000 RPM
Power Transmission Automatic torque converter into a three gear range selector
Speed Range 1st gear 0-10 MPH (16 kph)
2nd gear 0-22 MPH (35 kph)
3rd gear 0-40 MPH (64 kph)
Power Take Off 6.6 HP (est.), speed proportional to throttle setting
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.69 US (10.0 L)
Fuel Regular unleaded gas
Fuel Consumption 0.45 gal/hr (1.7L per hour)
Brakes Disc type, front and rear, dual handlebar mounted controls
Starter Automatic recoil
Ignition Electronic Magneto
Electrical 12 volt with 90 watt alternator
Exhaust Muffler and US Forestry approved spark arrestor
Carburetor Fixed Main Jet Carburetor
Air Filter Dry type
Grade Capability 60 percent
Weight 208 lbs. (94 kg) dry weight
Warranty 12 month Limited Warranty

Scout Dimensions

Wheels 12 inch Steel Spoke (optional 15" spoke wheel)
Tires 8.0X12 tubeless
Wheel Base 51 inches (124 cm)
Ground Clearance 14 inches (36 cm), 15" with 15" spoke wheel
Height Over Seat 29 inches (74 cm) 30" with 15" spoke wheel
Height Over Handlebar 41 inches (104 cm) 42" with 15" spoke wheel
Width 31 inches (79 cm)
Length 79 inches (196 cm)
FordableWater Depth 23 inches (58 cm) or 24" with 15" spoke wheel


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